"I've never heard it sound like this before."

- Chicago Symphony Orchestra

"It sounds terrific!!"

- Los Angeles Opera

"A level of recording we've never had before."

"Thanks again for your wonderful work! "

- Federal Way Chorale

"TV quality work!"

- Congressional Chorus

“I just wanted to say these recordings are OUTSTANDING. The quality is among the best I’ve gotten from anyone. Thank you for your work!”

“That sounds so good! So magical.”

“This looks fantastic…love the care with placement of instruments, sections, etc. So excited to see the end product…I know our students are as well! Thank you!”

“This is so precious and I’m incredibly grateful we have it. Many thanks to those who made it happen and to all who participated. We are lucky to share something that affects us all so deeply and enriches our lives so profoundly. We could all submit this as evidence of “why we sing.” May we be together again soon.”

“The final product is brilliant we are PROUD to have worked with you on this, really tight deadline, project.

“My community is going crazy over it - thank you again. You have no idea the impact you made today.”

"Thank you so much! As usual, I'm so happy with the final product. It has been a pleasure working with you all and I look forward to future projects with you."

- Key Elementary

"Thank you so much for your brilliant work! Not only do the videos look and sound beautiful, you've been such a pleasure to work with throughout the entire experience. Very grateful."

- Music Academy of the West

“…Like the last recording, this sounds better than I imagined it would. I attribute that mostly to your work...I think you all do amazing work!”

"I think the sound captured is exactly what we want. By the way, RAVES all around for work on this month's concert."

- Virginia Chorale

"You've outdone yourself! Bravo! What a recording! Can't wait to share it with our musicians!"

- Capital Wind Symphony

“Woohoo!!! The quality on these is just outstanding. Thank you so much for your work! I”ll be sure to reach out for future projects!”

- Shenandoah Conservatory

“The final files sound so beautiful! You’ve done a wonderful job! We’ve sent 4 of the files to the composers of the pieces, and have received glowing feedback. Thank you again for all your hard work!”

“Nothing is ever beyond my expectations because, if you knew me, you’d know I always expect greatness from those around me in their work. THIS IS BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS. Bravo, BRAVO, BRAVO! It has been SUCH a hard few months for all of us in our music department, community, and of course far beyond. Tonight is going to be so special for these kids, especially the seniors and their families. Thank you, a thousand times over, THANK YOU.”