Arts Laureate Audio Recording Services

Audio Recording

  • mixing

  • mastering

  • session recordings

  • live producing

  • CD edits and production

Arts Laureate Video Recording Services

Video Recording

  • HD/4k video

  • video sessions

  • livestreaming

  • virtual performances

Event Production

  • live sound production

  • livestreaming

  • digital event production

  • logistics consulting

  • photography

Arts Laureate Virtual Choir Band Orchestra Services

Virtual Ensembles

  • audio/video syncing and design through

  • virtual choirs, bands, orchestras, and chamber

  • program curation

Arts Laureate Album CD Production Tonsehen

Album Production

  • album production, marketing and

  • visit for more details on our record label

Students and Teacher in Classroom

Education and Outreach

  • recording practices and virtual ensemble presentations and clinics

  • conference presentations

  • support for directors, educators, and managers

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Every performing group is different, and we take that into account when we select our rates. Contact us for a quote today.


In general, we work in these ranges depending on your ensemble size and equipment needs. These rates are for audio recording only, but we also offer video recording and event photography. 

  • We bring all the equipment you need! No need to rent from an outside company.

  • By bringing our own gear, your rate helps cover the cost of our time loading the materials from our warehouse, bringing them to the venue, and setting up and tearing down everything before and after the show.

  • We include a soundcheck up to 1-hour before the show.

  • We practice COVID-19 safety protocols such as employee symptoms monitoring, mask wearing, equipment/space sanitization, and more.


2.5 hour orchestra concert - $1500-2500

1 hour solo recital - $250-500

2 hour chamber concert - $500-900

We also offer additional editing services at $100/hour, including:

  • Mixing/mastering

  • Video editing

  • Photoshop

  • Assistance with digital licensing

Interested in our Virtual Ensemble pricing? Click here to be redirected to that guide.