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Arts Laureate Audio Recording Services

Audio Recording

  • mixing

  • mastering

  • session recordings

  • live producing

  • CD edits and production

Arts Laureate Video Recording Services

Video Recording

  • HD/4k video

  • video sessions

  • livestreaming

  • virtual performances

Arts Laureate Event Production Services

Event Production

  • live sound production

  • livestreaming

  • digital event production

  • logistics consulting

  • photography

Arts Laureate Virtual Choir Band Orchestra Services

Virtual Ensembles

  • audio/video syncing and design through

  • virtual choirs, bands, orchestras, and chamber

  • program curation

Arts Laureate Album CD Production Tonsehen

Album Production

  • album production, marketing and

  • visit for more details on our record label

Students and Teacher in Classroom

Education and Outreach

  • recording practices and virtual ensemble presentations and clinics

  • conference presentations

  • support for directors, educators, and managers

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