Team - Arts Laureate

We are proud to demonstrate and deliver a new level of audio recording. We have had the opportunity to revamp audio recordings and live sound for some of the best ensembles in the world, while also helping groups move successfully into the world of video and online distribution.  We have a network of artists, handpicked based on the needs of the recording.

Christian Amonson, Producer

Christian won his first full-season recording contract at age 20, selected after Virginia's only professional vocal ensemble auditioned the most experienced classical engineers in the mid-Atlantic. Christian has gone on to provide audio and video for ensembles and festivals throughout the US, as well as England, Germany, Italy, and Poland, demonstrating ways to refine and improve upon the best-of.

Christian cataloged tens of thousands of CDs for the Classical [and Jazz] Music Library Online, developing the ability to identify recording engineers and techniques by ear.  Christian brings this perspective and a composer's/conductor's ear to each recording.  Christian is an auditioned member of "The President's Own" United States Marine Band, providing recordings and live sound for the ensemble.

Kevin Bourassa, Senior Recording Engineer

Kevin is a graduate of Capital University, where he studied trumpet performance.  Kevin has been found frequently in the Krannert Center at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign directing live and session recordings.  

Kevin has also worked on projects with Acis Productions, the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Greensboro Symphony Youth Orchestra, Brad Line | Jazz at the Atlas, and brings a unique historical perspective to all recordings.

Stephen O'Connor, Project Manager

Stephen completed his undergraduate degree in recording arts from University of Maryland, Baltimore County.  He has worked with the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra, Choralis, and The Bridge Ensemble in which he performs. 

Nathan Cooper, Recording Engineer

Nathan Cooper began studying violin at age 6.  After a decade of intense study, Nathan began to branch out to learn choral, jazz and folk genres.  During that time, Nathan became very involved in live sound, working in houses of worship and with numerous ensembles across the DC Metro area.  He has been with the team for two years, working with groups such as the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra, McLean Symphony, Washington Master Chorale, National Children's Chorus, and the Concordia Choir.  

Neil Brown, Recording Engineer

An accomplished trumpet player, Neil earned Bachelor and Master of Music degrees from the University of Maryland and was a member of the United States Navy Band in Washington D.C. from 2009-2013. He attended the National Orchestral Institute, Colorado College Summer Music Festival, Las Vegas Music Festival, and Boston University Tanglewood Institute, and has recorded groups like the Washington Master Chorale, the Capitol Symphonic Youth Orchestra, and the Tryos Ensemble, which he conducts.

Mark Manring, Recording Engineer

Mark has been a classical recording engineer for over 25 years and also works professionally as a photographer and videographer. Located in Raleigh, NC, he has recorded throughout the mid-Atlantic with Arts Laureate, including groups such as The Capital Symphonic Youth Orchestras, Congressional Chorus, VCDA Choral Assessments, VBODA All-District Bands, the Williamsburg Youth Orchestra, and Symphonicity.

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